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Savannah jointed animal puppets – Moulin Roty


Savannah jointed animal puppets – Moulin Roty

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Recommended age: 3 years + (Not suitable for children under 3 yrs – small parts)

Bring the jungle to life with these Savannah jointed animal puppets – new to Moulin Roty’s range of night-time shadows. This boxed set consists of 5 jungle animals – a tiger, a zebra, a flamingo, a rhinoceros and an alligator.

Each animal comes in 3 parts that can be joined together using the split pins provided in the set, so that each section can move independently to simulate running, crawling, flying etc.  The head and tail of each animal is mounted on a wooden stick to allow your child to easily move and manipulate the puppet. For a fun variation, mix the parts of different animals to create a new and bizarre creature!

The jointed animal puppets can also be used as a shadow puppets, using a torch to project their silhouettes onto a wall, or used behind a fabric screen. They can be combined with other night-time shadow favourites – dinosaur, castle or circus shadows to expand the storytelling possibilities.

What a fun way to stimulate creativity and the imagination.

The animal puppets come in an illustrated a presentation box, making them a perfect gift.

Box size: 22 cm x 10.7 cm. (Tiger is approx 18 cm x 6 cm)

Designed in France by Moulin Roty


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