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There is something wonderfully nostalgic about wooden educational toys. In a world full of battery-operated and technology-driven entertainment, traditional wooden toys for kids bring back the feeling of yesteryear.

The feel, the smell, the craftsmanship – all make for something special. Read more

The history of wooden toys for kids

Wooden toys first appeared during the ancient Greek and Roman empires. Carved from single pieces of wood that fit together they were mainly horses, carts and even dolls.

In the 1700s wooden toys became popular with German manufacturers however after WW2 the industry saw a large decline as toys were replaced by cheap, plastic versions.

What wooden educational toys do we offer?

At Little Snail we offer a wide range of quality made, beautiful wooden toys for kids.

Our HABA range in particular features a wide variety of excellent wooden toys including games, discovery blocks and musical instruments.

All HABA timber is sourced from sustainable forests within Germany and comes with a PEFC seal, which proves that the products were produced in their country.

Our Djeco collection features a range of wooden puzzles and ‘Zig and Go’ playsets.

We also stock a range of delightful wooden animals including sheep, dogs, cows and pigs.

Why buy kids wooden educational toys?

If cared for correctly, wooden toys will last for years. They also encourage imaginative play and cognitive thinking. Also, in an ever-growing environmentally conscious world, wooden toys that are sourced sustainably are much more environmentally friendly than plastic toys and they are also biodegradable and recyclable.

How do I care for my wooden toys?

All toys are different, but most of the wooden toys we offer at Little Snail can be wiped down with a damp cloth and left to dry thoroughly. You can also refer to our individual ‘care instructions’ below the product description when purchasing from our website or speak to our friendly staff.

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Showing 1–54 of 59 results

Wooden educational toys are a great choice for the cognitive and physical development of your child. The benefits of these gorgeous natural toys include the fact that they are so durable and will last, often for generations. They also encourage open-ended play. Open-ended play stimulates the imagination of your child. These high-quality toys grow with your child. So children can use wooden toys for different purposes throughout the duration of their childhood.