Grapat - open ended wooden toys

GRAPAT create natural, sustainable and open-ended play materials inspired by nature. Based in the heart of Catalunya in Spain, GRAPAT believe in autonomous play with limited rules and restrictions. The only rules they believe playtime should have is do not hurt oneself, others or the environment. Read more

A unique perspective on play

The brand was born when a young Spanish couple left the city and moved to a more natural environment. They wanted to offer their children (and others) a different perspective on play and the need for unnecessary material objects. So, they started designing and hand-making their own toys.

GRAPAT provide materials without instructions to encourage free-thinking play. Their only premise is to let children play, slowly, without time limits.

Sustainable and non-toxic

Designed to inspire deep inner thought and creativity GRAPAT products are hand made from sustainably sourced wood and finished with non-toxic paints.


The GRAPAT range of mandalas are designed to create a sensory experience and an interactive way to teach children about symmetry, pattern making and mathematical equations. From raindrops to little fires, stones to cones, the mandalas are both unique and beautiful – a perfect addition to imaginative play, role play and storytelling.


Meaning ‘children’ in Spanish the adorable range of Nins dolls from GRAPAT allows you to create your own Nins family. Collect ‘Adult Nins’, ‘Nins Dolls’ and ‘Baby Nins’ to represent three different generations of the dolls. The simplicity of the design of the peg style dolls allows children to create their own personalities for the figurines.

If you are looking for beautiful toys designed with a unique perspective and manufactured in an ethically and sustainable way, GRAPAT products are the ideal choice.

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