Stuka Puka

Based in Poland, Stuka Puka, which translates to ‘knocks, knocks’ in English, are an innovative brand who use natural materials to create unique and beautiful, educational toys.

Based on the motto ‘Science from the inside’, the Stuka Puka range of wooden puzzles are designed to encourage your little one to discover nature, biology and mathematical logic through play. Read more… 

Discover the beauty of nature through play!

Stuka Puka believes that learning through play is the best way to connect with the minds of their customers. 

From busy bees to intriguing insects, forest friends to cheeky chickens, their range of stunningly crafted puzzles will surely delight.

Recycle and upcycle

Stuka Puka want people to discover the beauty of nature with their children and work alongside therapists, psychologists, teachers, and doctors to make this dream a reality.

With a belief in promoting recycling, up-cycling, and ecology all Stuka Puka products are designed and handmade in-house with exquisite materials.

Rest assured that when you purchase the Stuka Puka label you are investing in a high-quality product that will bring hours of enjoyment while supporting an ethical brand.

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