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Tiger Tribe craft kits are the perfect creative activity kits. They will keep your child occupied for hours on holidays, weekends or rainy days. The crafty activities will help to develop your child’s creativity and problem-solving skills.

Each craft kit is contained in a compact box, so you can keep all the pieces together and store the kit easily. We have kits for a range of ages. So there is sure to be a kit to suit every child.
These crafty and creative activity kits certainly provide value for money. They make a perfect small gift for a family friend or surprise for your child.
Tiger Tribe is an Australian owned company, that started in 2007. All their products are proudly designed and illustrated in Australia. Their main aim is to make creativity portable. The activity kits can be easily thrown into Mum’s handbag, the family daypack, carry-on luggage or a kid’s backpack. And taken anywhere, to stimulate and amuse your child.
The activity sets are designed to be used without screens and without batteries. So your child can un-plug and develop strong neural networks from developing creativity and imagination.
The activity sets have all been tested to stringent Australian and European safety standards. So you can be sure that these products are certified to be safe. As with all toys, it is important to make sure that toys designed for children over three years old are not given to children under three.
Enjoy browsing our wide range of Tiger Tribe products today!

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