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The history behind the brand

In 1954 French woman Véronique Michel-Dalès created a small company named Djeco. The name pays homage to the humble gecko known to bring good luck to families in South East Asia. (read more)

Considered a trailblazer of her time, this mother wanted to create educational toys for children. The collection was hugely successful. And won four Oscars for toys in the 1960s.  The family business was temporarily put to the side while Véronique raised her son Frédéric. But as Frederic grew, so did his passion for toys. Gifted with an artistic flair, in 1989 Frédéric decided to reawaken the family business and make the toy industry his personal playground. Travelling the corners of the Earth, hunting for inspiration, his desire was to bring toys to France that had never been seen before. Successful in his pursuit, Djeco took France into a toy era it had never experienced.

What is the philosophy behind the brand?

“We are driven by awakening children’s sense of wonder, enriching their imagination, making them want to continue discovering.”

They believe complete freedom of imagination is important, allowing fun and even the wackiest of ideas to flourish. They believe that quality and aesthetics are essential. But also consider the practicalities of making and playing with Djeco products. 

Interesting facts

Djeco had been translated into many different languages and is now enjoyed by children in over 60 different countries. A range of prestigious museums also chooses to sell the brand including the Louvre in France, the Tate in the United Kingdom and MoMA in the United States.

What Djeco products do we stock?

Here at Little Snail, we stock a wide range of brightly coloured stickers, paints, games, face paints and origami. Our range of Djeco puzzles are intricately illustrated with fabulous designs. Including titles such as Enchanted Forest, Summer Lake and Unicorn Garden.  

Djeco today

Djeco employ a large team of design specialists including graphic designers, illustrators and inventors. With a desire for creativity and all researching, experimenting and sharing ideas, together the team continue to produce over 1,000 new products every year.

Why buy Djeco?

Djeco believe that quality is the key in every aspect of creation. With a focus on safety, the products are tested at every stage of production. From laboratory testing to inspectors in their factories to a team of analysts, toys are tirelessly tested to confirm the product’s conformity before they are shipped.


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