The history

The HABA brand is the brainchild of German man Eugen Habermaass. Rich in history, the family-owned and run brand has been around since the early 1930s. (read more)

It was initially run by Eugen and his wife Luise. They first presented themselves at a toy fair in 1950 and the company continued to grow. Sadly Eugen passed away in 1955. The brand went on to be run by Luise and their son Klaus, who had an apprenticeship in carpentry.  While she slowly bowed out of the company, Luise continued to offer support and advice to her son right up until her death in 2003 at age 97. Today, the HABA Group continues to be family-run. With third-generation Habermaass’, Sabine, Heike and Volker at the helm. They currently employ over 2,000 staff. 

What is the philosophy behind the brand?

The brand aims to create natural and colourful designs with a desire to instil joy and add social value for children and their families. This is accompanied by a love of natural raw materials. And a focus on traditional craftsmanship.

 What materials does HABA use?

At HABA they have a principle: toys are only as good as their materials and workmanship. This is why they only select the highest quality materials when designing their products. With a large focus on timber, all their wooden toys are sourced from sustainable forests within Germany. And all come with a PEFC seal, which proves that the products were produced in their country. 

What HABA products do we stock?

We stock a large range of HABA products from educational games to brightly coloured rattles. Vibrantly illustrated puzzles and fun musical toys are also always popular with our customers.

Why buy HABA

When you purchase a HABA product you know that you are not only purchasing quality that will stand the test of time but you are supporting a company that cares about the environment and is socially and ethically responsible.


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