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baby rattles to stimulate baby sensesFrom a very young age, babies realise that they can make noise and grasp things with their hands on their own. Baby rattle toys are a great tool for harnessing these newfound skills. And with so many to choose from, Little Snail has a baby rattle your little one will love.

Baby rattles can help develop fine motor skills, encourage hand-eye coordination, and teach the idea of cause and effect.

Child safety

We consider safety an absolute priority. Our Moulin Roty rattles have been tested to stringent EN71 safety standards for hazards such as potential detachable parts, flammability, and chemical testing. Read more

Our HABA baby rattles are made from PEFC beech wood. And decorated only with water-based, ecologically friendly, solvent-free lacquers. This makes them safe for baby to put in their mouth. When purchasing a baby rattle from Little Snail you can be sure it is safe for your little one.

Quality materials

All our baby rattle toys are made from the highest quality materials. From soft linen and cotton fabrics from Europe to beautiful wood grains sourced from sustainable forests in Germany, our baby rattles are designed with quality in mind and are constructed to last.

Correct sizing

Most babies will start playing with rattles between the ages of 3-6 months. Depending on the size of your baby it is important to choose a rattle that fits comfortably in babies’ hands. Please refer to the sizing information (in cms) within the product descriptions to ensure your baby rattle toy is the correct anticipated size when it arrives.

Plenty to choose from

We know every baby is individual and each will gravitate towards different toys. Some babies will prefer soft and squishy textures while others may prefer a hard wood to grasp. Little Snail has a wide variety of baby rattle toys to choose from to suit different interests, budgets and needs. From sweet soft rhino rattles to brightly coloured wooden rattles, gorgeous forest creatures, to quirky shapes, we have a baby rattle to suit everyone.

Some of our baby rattles have teething rings or tags to help soothe sore gums. Our teething rattles are 100 % BPA-free.

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Showing all 47 results

Quality control

All our products are handpicked and examined before being shipped. We ensure that our products do not present any damage or blemishes before leaving the warehouse to ensure you are receiving the highest quality items. However, if you are not entirely happy with your purchase when it arrives, please feel free to contact our friendly staff.