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moulin roty - il etait une fois - magical toys, once upon a time toys, toy mouseDiscover a magical world of soft toys, wooden toys, toys for pretend play and dolls. To browse Moulin Roty indvidual ranges, please click here.

The history

Moulin Roty is a brand rich in history and just as their toys have many stories to tell, so do the people behind the designs. In 1972 in France a group of friends decided to renovate an old mill and live together as a commune. The group were looking for a common project to work on and started producing screenprints and crafts such as jewellery and decorative items. Read more

In 1975 the friends designed a small car made from wood, foam and fabric and when they received orders for over 1500 of the cars, it propelled them into the nursery and toy market. They decide to launch an entire collection.

In 1988 a devastating fire ripped through the warehouse, destroying everything including their designs, stock, files and machines. The friends agree to use this as a fresh start and move their headquarters to Nort sur Erdre to start from scratch. 

In the early 2000s, the brand went international, opening its first subsidiary in Great Britain.

The brand’s philosophy

‘Yesterday’s toys for today’s children’. Moulin Roty believes in creating the highest quality toys with the most intricate details. 

The story behind the designs

Every new collection that is produced begins with a story, a universe, an adventure. Once this story is conceptualised the illustrators, designers and seamstresses all work closely together to turn the ‘Once upon a time’ into the most beautiful and unique pieces. 

Moulin Roty today

Today, the brand exists all over the world and each year over 1.5 million treasures leave the country to travel across the seas as far as Japan, America and of course, Australia. They are known for their generosity and quite often donate margins of their profit to different charities such as wildlife conservation. 

What Moulin Roty products do we stock?

Here at Little Snail, we stock an incredibly vast range of adorable Moulin Roty products. From singing toucans to angel comforters, colourful characters to plush teddies, browse the range and you will surely find something that you fall in love with. 

Why buy Moulin Roty?

The brand has a distinct commitment to quality. We believe in offering our customers the highest quality products and the brand has stood the test of time. All our Moulin Roty products are ‘hand’ picked by the team at Little Snail to ensure our customers are receiving the very best experience we can provide.  

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