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Kids craft supplies and activities as well as kids craft kits are great for keeping little hands busy as well as encouraging creativity, and imagination and building confidence and a sense of achievement. Art and crafts are a good way to build verbal skills, by asking children to explain what they have created and why or naming different colours and shapes. Painting, drawing, and creating can also help relax children when they are upset or frustrated. Read more


Our paints and crayons are non-toxic and do not contain hazardous substances, making them safe for little people to play with. Our silk crayons sets are odour free and water-soluble, making them easy to wash out. All Wild Dough playdough products are also non-toxic and are made from food-grade ingredients.

Suitable for little hands

All of our kids craft supplies that are aimed at younger children have been specially designed to fit smaller hands such as our floor chalk sets which feature a thick design that can be easily grasped. The approximate size of all our kid’s craft supplies can be viewed in the product descriptions.

Quality materials

All kids craft supplies are made from the highest quality materials. Colouring books are made from lovely thick paper, our paints and markers have gorgeous bright colours designed not to fade, and sticker sets are designed to maintain adhesiveness.

Easy to follow

When choosing kids craft supplies and kids craft kits, you should always refer to the recommended age to make sure the product is appropriate for the recipient. However, most of our kids craft kits, such as origami sets and activity booklets, contain easy-to-follow instructions in case you get stuck.

Beautiful illustrations

All of our colouring and sticker books contain beautiful illustrations, mainly designed by French artists such as Lucille Michieli.

Child safety

We consider safety an absolute priority. All Moulin Roty products have been tested to stringent EN71 safety standards for hazards such as potential detachable parts, flammability, and chemical testing.

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