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Our range of baby comforters covers everything from simple muslin squares to multi-layered and textured items. There is bound to be a baby comforter toy, security blanket or blankie for baby that baby will love!

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Babies can find the different textures and unstructured design of a comforter very appealing. The tactile feel of the different fabrics and embellishments provide stimulation and encourage exploration of the item.

The familiar feel, sight, and smell of their favourite security blanket can:

  • Ease anxiety by acting as a blankie for baby, promoting a sense of familiarity in a big new world.
  •  Be used as part of a bedtime routine to signal that it is time for sleep.
  • Be used for playtime fun.

In our range, we have baby comforters with dummy attachments, teethers, and tags. We also have a myriad of different colours, fabrics, and characters to choose from.

Cotton and muslin baby comforters are safe for your baby and have the added benefit of absorbing your scent. This makes them even more of a comfort for your child.

Red Nose (formerly SIDS) recommends introducing a baby comforter toy from 7 months. This is when developmental changes result in separation anxiety.

As your child is likely to become very attached to their baby comforter, it is advisable to buy a backup so that you can wash your baby’s comforter, without disrupting your baby.

In order to get your baby to bond with their new comforter, you can integrate it into their feeding routine, so that they start to develop an attachment to the comforter.

baby comforter toys for snuggling and comfort for baby snuggly and doudou - blue hippo comforter and baby hand
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Why are comforters important?

Comforters are a great accessory for babies as they provide a sense of security and familiarity. With their unstructured design and varied textures, babies develop a fondness for their comforters and the recognisable feel and smell brings a sense of safety.

Comforters are also a great tool for bedtime as they can help to reduce stress and anxiety by soothing the baby and their senses. Read more

How do I care for my babies’ comforter?

It is most likely your child will become very attached to their baby comforter toy, so you want to ensure you care for it in the best way possible. However, all comforters are different and need to be cared for differently. Most of the comforters we offer at Little Snail are either hand-washable or machine washable on a delicate cycle.

To ensure your little ones treasured ‘blankie’ stays in good condition for years to come, we recommend you refer to our individual ‘care instructions’ below the product description when purchasing from our website or speak to our friendly staff.

What comforters do we offer?

Here at Little Snail, we offer a vast range of comforters ranging from simple muslin cloths to multi-layered and textured items. Many of our comforters also have attachments such as dummies, teethers, and tags. From bright-blue elephants to sweet little mice, fluffy sheep to soft puppies, we offer a comforter for all tastes and needs.

What are Little Snail comforters made from?

The majority of our comforters are made from the highest quality, plush materials such as cotton and furs. We also offer muslin comforters in much simpler designs.