Soft Toys

We offer a large range of soft toys all made from the highest quality materials. From vivacious, vibrant coloured characters to classic teddy bears, there is a soft toy to please everyone from newborn babies to adults. 

Often a soft or plush toy is the first gift given to children and these quite often become keepsakes that the child will cling to well into their adult years. read more

How do I choose my soft toy?

We recommend you follow your heart when choosing your special friend. Different textures, colours and even different animals will each appeal to people differently. Choose something that you know you can relate to and will be cherished. 

What are the benefits of soft toys?

Soft toys have many cognitive benefits for children. These include imaginative play, fine motor skills development and language and vocabulary expansion.

hey also provide emotional support such as a feeling of security and comfort as well as helping with the expression of different emotions such as anger, love and empathy. Soft toys can also help reduce stress and anxiety in children. Additionally, they can help children to self soothe and to manage their emotions and may also help your child to sleep.

As well as providing comfort, stuffed plush toys can help your child to build confidence. Children often have little control over their worlds, but a soft toy can help them feel as though they are responsible and help them to develop a sense of control.

How do I care for my soft toy?

All of our ranges are made from the highest quality materials so while you can wash your toy on a gentle, cool cycle we do not recommend tumble drying. 

Is my soft toy suitable for all ages?

In short, yes. While some soft toys may have attachments that are choking hazards and therefore aren’t recommended for children under 3 years, the majority of our products are suitable from birth right through to adults.

All of our fabrics and materials are tested for non-toxicity using the Oeko-Tex method, by the suppliers of the fabrics.

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Lots of soft animal toys to choose from

Whether you are looking for a soft and cuddly dog, like Julius, or a luxuriously soft cat toy from the Pachats range, enjoy browsing our range of stuffed animals, plush toys, and soft friends. A soft rabbit, a cute mouse, dogs, donkeys, horses, elephants, and lions. There is sure to be a character that speaks to you and wants to share its story with you.

Enjoy fast shipping in Australia, and beautifully presented packaging.