Indoor games for kids

Put down the iPads and get ready to play the traditional way. Indoor games for kids, galore!

When it’s cold and wintery outside or you simply want to spend some quality time indoors together, there are plenty of wonderful games for kids available. From educational games for little ones to fun interactive games the whole family can enjoy, we offer a large range of great indoor games to choose from.

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What are some popular indoor games for kids that can keep them entertained for hours?

Board games and puzzles are perfect for keeping little hands and minds busy for hours.

Board games and puzzles also help build problem-solving skills, encourage healthy competition and can create a sense of accomplishment in children. Indoor board games for kids such as the Le Jardin ‘picnic in the garden’ or Le Jardin ‘garden treasures observation’ will keep young minds busy and entertained for hours.

How do I choose the right indoor game for my child’s age and skill level?

All of our indoor games have a recommended age. From games for tiny tots up to games for older children, simply refer to the recommended age on our product pages.

Are there any indoor games that can help my child learn and develop new skills?

There are lots of varied indoor games for kids that can help with learning and developing new skills. We offer counting games, alphabet games, and memory games, all of which provide essential learning in a fun manner.

Developmentally, we offer indoor games for kids of all ages that can help with problem-solving, teaching patience, building fine motor skills, encouraging cognitive thinking and more.

What are some affordable indoor games that my child can play with their siblings or friends?

We offer lots of indoor games for kids that are both affordable and can be enjoyed with friends or siblings. Learn to juggle together, sit around the dinner table and create beautiful origami, or work together to complete a challenging puzzle.

What are some indoor games for kids that are a twist on the classics?
A challenge at Tic Tac Toe, memory lotto, bingo and pick-up sticks are just some of the games for kids we offer that are reminiscent of the classics but with a modern twist.

How do I ensure that the indoor game I choose for my child is safe and durable?

We only source indoor games for kids from trusted manufacturers that all use the highest quality materials that are designed to last and be loved for years.

Every Moulin Roty game and toy is tested and approved by an independent French laboratory. All our toys are in compliance with the European standard NF-EN71 and bear the CE mark, which confirms they passed all tests, such as :

  • Mechanical tests (no small part must detach itself when pulling at 90Nt force)
  • Flammability tests (to control the speed with which flames progress)
  • Chemical tests (to control the migration of heavy metals)


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