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Big brother mouse in box – Maileg

Big brother mouse in box – Maileg


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Recommended age: 3 +

Big brother mouse in a box is wearing an olive green and camel striped top with blue shorts (shorts are removable). Made from 100% cotton, Big brother mouse has embroidered eyes, mouth & nose and a cute leather tail.

The matchbox is made from extra heavy duty cardboard and is decorated with vintage style illustrations. Complete with a mattress, blanket and pillow in shades of blue.

For the child on the move, Maileg mice are the perfect play set. Just tuck your special friend into it’s sturdy travel bed and he will be ready go!

Playing with dolls is great for encouraging your child’s imagination and helps to develop fine motor skills when dressing and undressing the dolls. It also provides a rich opportunity for your child to develop language skills and extend their vocabulary – from naming parts of the doll’s body and the clothing the doll is wearing to using verbs and action words for activities in which the child engages the doll, as well as exploring words for feelings.

Doll play can also help children make sense of their world, bringing it down to a manageable size and allowing them to describe and act out some of the things that they observe.

Perhaps most importantly, doll play can help children to develop skills in nurturing and caring for others. During play, the child engages in activities that makes them responsible for the well-being of their own baby as they practice caring for it. In carrying, holding, feeding, and rocking a baby doll, children are practising being loving to others.

Size: Big brother mouse is approx 12 cm high

Care instructions: Hand wash – cool

Designed in Denmark by Maileg

“Look at the little mouse, he’s so sweet.  When he’s tucked up in his bed so neat. When I cuddle and whisper in his ear, I sing a lullaby and he slowly falls to sleep…zzz” – Maileg


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Weight.110 kg
Dimensions14.5 × 8 × 5 cm


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