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Introducing brand new Tartempois products

From a country that’s fantastical, the Tartempois tread lightly through villages, over the countryside and beyond the hills.

Tightrope walkers, balancing bubble blowers, they fly from trapeze to trapeze. Gymnasts and acrobats, Les Tartempois scatter happiness and cheerfulness, like confetti, wherever they pass. Inventing stories for themselves and to share with others.

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A carnival of tenderness and poetry, they juggle with words and talk to the stars…
Characters with long legs, perhaps a little gangling but all the better for gambolling. With their long arms they can catch the stars…

Their long arms and long legs are padded with little bags at the ends, making them particularly supple, graphic and easy to grab with li’l hands.

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Each with a mischievous, rascally, little face … but all so soft at heart.
They cut a fine figure: some with a little waistcoat or a tie, others a hat, bow-tie, a star spangled collar or sequin sprinkled skirt.

Around their necks, a confetti-scattered, fabric travel label, flying in the wind, to carry a pretty message full of promise..

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The mix of materials is designed to be bohemian yet, chic. Opaline green linen is mixed with checked cotton, mustard polka dot jersey, or star spangled cotton voile. The presentation of materials also mixes ochre curly fur with copper tinted velvet.

The main colours are: ochre, between greyish blue celadon and green opaline, powder pink, copper, a touch of violet, a touch of grenadine and orange, mustard yellow and greyish brown.

The materials used in the design of the Tartempois range are: linen, faux fur, striped jersey, polka dot jersey, checked cotton, star spangled cotton voile, flowering cotton poplin and tulle.

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If you are looking for a delightful companion for your child, you may find it in our full range of new Tartempois products here.

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