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Free courses in child development for new parents

Happy New Year! We hope that you are feeling refreshed and relaxed after your summer holiday. All the best wishes for a happy and healthy 2017. It is going to be great!

It is a great time of year to think about ways in which we can improve our knowledge and understanding. I have some good news for you, because I have found a set of free short courses, kindly offered by Deakin University. They are offered in a range of topics, but I thought you might be interested in these free courses in child development that relate to child care, nutrition and development.

Making babies in the 21st Century

If you are planning to have a baby and are considering fertility treatment, you might be interested in this course, that explores the ethics and opportunities of reproductive technologies.

Infant nutrition

Good early nutrition can have significant positive impacts on your child’s development, health and well being. This free six week course will teach you about the principles of nutrition, for your baby’s first year of life. The course starts on the 20th of February, 2017 and will be offered again during the year.

First aid for babies and children

This course will teach you skills in providing first aid to babies and children. It is designed for family members or people interested in working with children. The course will focus on the five most common causes of injuries in children – choking, bleeding, burns, wounds and abrasions and cardiac arrest. It is developed with Red Cross and Red Crescent societies.

Parental influences on the developing mind of the child

Parents influence the developing mind of their child from conception, through infancy and later life. Learn how your mind influences the mind of your child throughout their life, and promote the well being of your baby.

Childhood in the digital age

Do you worry about the impacts that screen time has on your child’s development? There are benefits and limitations of the technology that is now available to children and in this course you will learn how technology can impact on your child’s developing mind and the opportunities that it presents to his or her learning.

We hope that you will find these courses interesting and inspiring. I am planning to take a few of these courses to learn more about child development and hope to report back on this blog with some of the insights that I have learned.

May 2017 be a wonderful, inspiring and rewarding year for you and your families!!

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