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Zouzou the zebra – Moulin Roty

Zouzou the zebra – Moulin Roty


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Recommended age: 12 months +

Zouzou the zebra is the most recent addition to the Moulin Roty “Bazar”range.

Zouzou is slightly underactive for a zebra, but as a herd creature finds pleasure in just being with friends.

Zouzou is made from a variety of fabrics of different textures. Neutrally toned, Zouzou is backed in the expected zebra-striped fur.  However, Zouzou is no ordinary zebra.  Along with a bronze belly, nose and ears, Zouzou has beautiful lime green shoes with blue laces, spotted mustard arms, a white tulle and mustard mane and to keep those flies away – a tulle topped tail! Zouzou the zebra

Height: 45 cm

Care instructions: Machine washable on a delicate cycle.

Designed by Moulin Roty, France.


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