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Discover our vast range of soft toys for babies and find the best soft toys in Australia!

Child safety

We consider safety an absolute priority. All of our Moulin Roty toys are tested and approved by an independent French laboratory. All Moulin Roty toys are in compliance with the European standard NF-EN71 and bear the CE mark, which confirms they passed all tests, such as mechanical tests, flammability tests and chemical tests.

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What are the benefits of soft toys?

Soft toys have many cognitive benefits for children. These include imaginative play, fine motor skills development and language and vocabulary expansion.

They also provide emotional support such as a feeling of security and comfort as well as helping with the expression of different emotions such as anger, love and empathy. Soft toys can also help reduce stress and anxiety in children. Additionally, they can help children to self-soothe and to manage their emotions and may also help your child to sleep. [expand title=”read more”]

As well as providing comfort, stuffed plush toys can help your child to build confidence. Children often have little control over their worlds, but a soft toy can help them feel as though they are responsible and help them to develop a sense of control.

How do I care for my soft toy?

All of our ranges are made from the highest quality materials so while you can wash your toy on a gentle, cool cycle we do not recommend tumble drying.

Is my soft toy suitable for all ages?

In short, yes. While some soft toys in Australia may have attachments that are choking hazards and therefore aren’t recommended for children under 3 years, the majority of our products are suitable from birth right through to adults.

All of our fabrics and materials are tested for non-toxicity using the Oeko-Tex method, by the suppliers of the fabrics.