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Orchard – Haba

Orchard – Haba


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Recommended age: 3 yrs +

Haba Orchard – a fun game to develop co-operation and turn taking skills.

The four fruit-trees are full of fruit. The apples, pears, cherries and plums are ripe and have to be picked quickly, because the crafty raven is eager to steal some dinner. The children try to pick the fruit from the trees before the raven can get to them. If the players succeed in gathering all the fruit before the raven jigsaw in the middle is finished, they all win the game! If the raven jigsaw is complete before all the fruit has been picked, the children all lose together.

Contents : 10 apples, 10 pears, 10 pairs of cherries, 10 plums, 4 baskets, 1 raven jigsaw (9 pieces), 1 color dice with symbols, 1 game board and game instructions

Recommended for 1 – 8 players. Approximate game time is 10 – 15 minutes.

Made in Germany.

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