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Les Jolis pas Beaux musical mouse – Moulin Roty

Les Jolis pas Beaux musical mouse – Moulin Roty


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Recommended age: Birth +

The Les Jolis pas Beaux musical mouse combines the most lovely range of fabrics and colours with a soothing nursery tune (a melodic version of ‘Pop goes the Weasel’). It would make a perfect gift for a new baby or young infant.Les Jolis musical mouse

Made from fabrics sourced in France – super soft fleecy velour, cotton poplin, knitted wool, jersey and corduroy – the Les Jolis pas Beaux musical mouse will encourage exploration and provide sensory stimulation (facial features are embroidered for safety).  To activate the music, pull the tab above the mouse’s tail and the music will play as the cord retracts (approx 1.5 minutes). The musical mouse has a velcro fastened loop tie so that it can be attached to a cot,or pram or in the car.

Introduced by Moulin Roty in 2007, the ‘Les Jolis pas Beaux’ (cute, not pretty) range was based on the idea of ‘bits and bobs’ of colourful fabrics, giving the range a home-made, patched together look.  With its hallmark ruffles and appliques circles, it has become one of Moulin Roty’s most popular and extensive ranges.

Size: 22 cm, when sitting

Designed by Moulin Roty, France

Care instructions: Surface wash only


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