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Djeco knights stamps patterns and stencils

Djeco knights stamps patterns and stencils


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Recommended age: 6 – 10 years

The Djeco knights stamps patterns and stencils set is a delightful kit containing 10 illustrated sheets depicting various knight landscapes, 10 stamps with a variety of knight images such as, on horseback, in armour and treasure and dragon themes. Also included are 3 stencils which can be used to add castles and a stamp pad for inking the stamps.  The child can decorate the illustrations and create their very own stories.djeco knights stamps patterns and stencils

A great gift for any child who loves knights and castles and loves creating their own works of art or one to pop in the cupboard to keep for a rainy day or school holiday activity.

Designed by Gwen Keraval for Djeco France

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